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The journey continues…

Whoops – I have slipped up with my commitment to post daily as there has been a lot going on.

In my previous post I talked briefly about the Higher Balance Institute and the more I find out the more excited I get. Just from my brief exposure to their materials – with almost no investment – my life has shifted dramatically, and I’ve only been doing 95% researching and 5% application. I expect this balance to shift to 10% researching and 90% application over coming weeks. That’s when I expect REALLY dramatic shifts to happen.

As part of my research into the Higher Balance Institute I came across a product that they were recommending called the Magnetic Pill, which to cut a a long story short dramatically increases the electrical potential within the body with profound results. Please spend a few minutes on their website – you might miss the section on how it works, as its hidden away under their ‘About’ page so here is a direct link.You might also miss the ‘Frequently Asked Question page (FAQ), which is also hidden under their ‘About’ page, so here is it’s direct link. I can’t wait to get started on the product.

Also, since my last post I have started on a urine fast, which basically means that you eat no food while you are on the fast and consume all of your urine as well as consuming additional water (preferably distilled) as required. Before you say ‘gross’ and discount this completely, do some quick research on Google – everybody that I have come across who has done it for extended periods of time has received very significant health AND spiritual benefits. Even though I have only been on the fast for three days I’m already noticing clearer thinking, higher energy levels and improved sleep. As a side benefit I also have already lost just under an inch (2 cm) around my waist.

There is a lot more to share but that can wait for another post – and I’m so eager to get back to reading, the first book written by Eric Pepin, the founder of the Higher Balance Institute, titled ‘The Handbook of the Navigator’. It’s where I should have started rather than his other later book, which I also cant wait to get back to, Meditation within Eternity.

Here is a review of ‘The Handbook of the Navigator’:

“If you are a fan of the Star Wars movies or the Matrix movies then you will love this book. It deals with “The Force” (what it really is and how to use it) and reality as we know it and how to access multiple dimensions. It explained a lot of things that my Hindu texts could not. I loved “Autobiography of a Yogi” and wanted to learn how the guy bent reality and used ESP but if you study Hindism or ANY religion or philosophy, they don’t, won’t or CAN’T teach you any of that. The Handbook of the Navigator covers all that and more. It will wake up that little kid inside you that’s excited again, because FINALLY someone has proved that the FORCE is real and you can use it, if you’ll do it. DO IT!”

You can read other reviews, etc. and invest (and I really do mean invest) in the ebook for just $2.99 (paperback – $19.95) at Amazon – here.

To the ULTIMATE you,



My body / mind / spirit journey

Welcome to my first blog. I hope you’ll find it both helpful and informative.

I’m a 55 year old male, living in sub-tropical Queensland, Australia. My wife Kathryn, aged 43, suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

I have recently given up all of my other pursuits to focus on writing a book tentatively titled ” Empowering Health Secrets: Little known Health Secrets that will Transform Your Life”. I will discuss how this came about shortly.

I wont go to much into my past history in this post (this may come later), but I will say it as been a very interesting life having been gifted with hypomania, a less intense version of bi-polar disorder. There are times in my life that I wish I could bottle the hypomania and sell/share it with others. At other times, due to the medications (sometimes forced upon me) the psychiatric community has had me on, on and off for the past 21 years since I was first ‘diagnosed’ and the years before that where I lived an even more interesting life.

For the majority of time I have been ‘diagnosed’ with bipolar, i have been taking lithium, which is a horrendous drug (at least for for me), as it throws a ‘wet blanket’ over all aspects of who you truly are.

After doing some extensive research I was finally able to convince my psychiatrist to change my meds to Saphris, and have just completed the weening off process from lithium to Saphris. I don’t know if it is the other therapies (more on this shortly) that I have recently introduced, but life is so much better now, and with the various therapies, meditations and modalities that I will be posting about here, I expect that life will dramatically improve from here on.

Now for a bit of recent background as to how the idea of the book and this blog came about.

Around four weeks ago (I would have known exactly if I had of been posting daily to this blog – which is my plan) my wife, Kathryn discovered a YouTube video on the health and spiritual benefits of drinking distilled water.

She shared the link and after a after a couple of days of extensive research, we were both drinking over 4 liters (over 1 gallon) of distilled water per day that we were buying and then lugging home from the only supermarket in the area that stocked the recommended brand (not all distilled water is the same.

After doing some maths I realized that we would be spending over $300 dollars a month on the distilled water. Realising this, I spent a whole day researching all of the different home distillers on the market, and we decided to import a ‘Pure Water Mini-Classic CT’ for US$599, plus around US$200 for the shipping from the US to Australia. We have been incredibly pleased with ALL aspects of the water distiller and would HIGHLY recommend both it and the company (the level of support has been phenomenal – I even got emails from my contact at what would have been midnight their time).

I continued my search and came across information stating that people with amalgam (mercury) fillings were not getting as powerful a result from the distilled water consumption. This led me to spend another whole day researching what I could do to combat this issue and decided that the most cost effective way to handle this issue was to drink a glass of distilled water with a tablespoon of food grade (very important – the stuff they put in swimming pools is dangerous) diatomaceous (dia-tom-ace-ous) earth. Although the diatomaceous earth has other incredible health benefits for us humans (see  diatomaceous earth testimonials) for the most extensive list of testimonials my research led me to) it’s brilliant for removing the toxic heavy metals from the body. It’s also extremely cheap, as it costs us only around US$0.33 cents per day.

During my research into the health benefits of distilled water I came across another form of distilled liquid, through drinking your own urine. Yeah, my initial response to this was, as yours probably is too, was yuck, but I’d read an incredibly positive article about this little known therapy many years ago I decided to explore this further and the more I researched it the more excited I became and decided to try it myself as many people were saying that the phenomenal health benefits that you achieve through drinking distilled water are achieved 3 to 4 times more rapidly than by drinking distilled water alone. The first day I tried it I mixed two thirds fruit juice with one third urine and was amazed to find out that I could not taste the urine AT ALL. Feeling empowered by this, and knowing it was best to drink the urine straight up, the next day I decided to try the urine on its own and was pleasantly surprised to find that the taste was actually acceptable. I’m sure the fact that I had been drinking distilled water for a couple of weeks helped matters in terms of the taste. The only way to find out for yourself is to give it a try. If necessary, its more than ok to initially put just a little bit of urine into some fruit juice and gradually change the mixture, until such time as you are drinking pure urine. There is no hurry here, for once you’ve experienced the amazing health benefits of urine therapy, you’ll make it part your daily routine for the rest of your life. I won’t go into further detail here as there is plenty of info on the net and I’ll also be covering it further in later blog posts and in my book.

The idea for the book came out of my intense desire to share this amazingly important information and a lot more that I haven’t got time to discuss in this particular post.

In my research for the book a couple of days ago I came across a US$4.99 ebook titled ‘Meditation Within Eternity – the Modern Mystics Guide to Gaining Unlimited Spiritual Energy, Accessing Higher Consciousness and Meditation Techniques for Spiritual Growth by Eric Pepin’. I have never seen such an overwhelming number of rave reviews for any product in my entire life. However, being the curious person I am, I decided to research the  author prior to starting to read the ebook. In my research I discovered that the author had started an organisation called the Higher Balance Institute (HBI). I literally spent hours reading all the reviews for the book and the other extraordinary products they offer. I was totally torn between starting the book and finding out more about the Higher Balance Institute, and as a result of that I’m only 17% of the way through the book which so far is a very easy book to follow. I’ll update my opinions of the book as I get further into it and another ebook which I can’t wait to read by another member of the Higher Balance Institute, titled ‘Bending God by Eric Robison’

You can invest in,  and I do mean invest in, ‘Meditation within Eternity’ at Amazon here.

You can invest in ‘Bending God’ at Amazon for US$2.99  here.

Thanks for reading.

This blog post was much longer than I anticipate follow up posts will be. Please ‘Follow Me’ as I will be sharing a whole lot of other health and spiritual breakthroughs in future.

To your ULTIMATE you,