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The journey continues…

March 5, 2013

Whoops – I have slipped up with my commitment to post daily as there has been a lot going on.

In my previous post I talked briefly about the Higher Balance Institute and the more I find out the more excited I get. Just from my brief exposure to their materials – with almost no investment – my life has shifted dramatically, and I’ve only been doing 95% researching and 5% application. I expect this balance to shift to 10% researching and 90% application over coming weeks. That’s when I expect REALLY dramatic shifts to happen.

As part of my research into the Higher Balance Institute I came across a product that they were recommending called the Magnetic Pill, which to cut a a long story short dramatically increases the electrical potential within the body with profound results. Please spend a few minutes on their website – you might miss the section on how it works, as its hidden away under their ‘About’ page so here is a direct link.You might also miss the ‘Frequently Asked Question page (FAQ), which is also hidden under their ‘About’ page, so here is it’s direct link. I can’t wait to get started on the product.

Also, since my last post I have started on a urine fast, which basically means that you eat no food while you are on the fast and consume all of your urine as well as consuming additional water (preferably distilled) as required. Before you say ‘gross’ and discount this completely, do some quick research on Google – everybody that I have come across who has done it for extended periods of time has received very significant health AND spiritual benefits. Even though I have only been on the fast for three days I’m already noticing clearer thinking, higher energy levels and improved sleep. As a side benefit I also have already lost just under an inch (2 cm) around my waist.

There is a lot more to share but that can wait for another post – and I’m so eager to get back to reading, the first book written by Eric Pepin, the founder of the Higher Balance Institute, titled ‘The Handbook of the Navigator’. It’s where I should have started rather than his other later book, which I also cant wait to get back to, Meditation within Eternity.

Here is a review of ‘The Handbook of the Navigator’:

“If you are a fan of the Star Wars movies or the Matrix movies then you will love this book. It deals with “The Force” (what it really is and how to use it) and reality as we know it and how to access multiple dimensions. It explained a lot of things that my Hindu texts could not. I loved “Autobiography of a Yogi” and wanted to learn how the guy bent reality and used ESP but if you study Hindism or ANY religion or philosophy, they don’t, won’t or CAN’T teach you any of that. The Handbook of the Navigator covers all that and more. It will wake up that little kid inside you that’s excited again, because FINALLY someone has proved that the FORCE is real and you can use it, if you’ll do it. DO IT!”

You can read other reviews, etc. and invest (and I really do mean invest) in the ebook for just $2.99 (paperback – $19.95) at Amazon – here.

To the ULTIMATE you,



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